Bisexual Memes: 31 Best Bisexual Memes

Looking for a good laugh and some relatable dating memes? We've got you covered with the funniest and most relatable bisexual dating memes that will have you laughing out loud. Whether you're swiping through dating apps or going on awkward first dates, these memes perfectly capture the ups and downs of dating as a bisexual person. Get ready to LOL and check out the best bisexual dating memes here!

Bisexual memes have become a popular way for people in the LGBTQ+ community to express themselves and find humor in their experiences. From relatable jokes about coming out to funny commentary on bi-erasure, these memes are a great way for bisexual individuals to connect with each other and feel seen. In this article, we'll take a look at 31 of the best bisexual memes that are sure to make you laugh, nod in agreement, and maybe even feel a little represented.

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Coming Out Memes: The Struggle is Real

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One of the most common themes in bisexual memes is the struggle of coming out. Whether it's the fear of not being taken seriously or the frustration of having to constantly explain and justify one's sexuality, these memes capture the unique challenges that bisexual individuals face when coming out to friends and family. From the classic "coming out as bisexual is like coming out twice" to the more light-hearted "when people ask if you're straight or gay and you just stand there like," these memes provide a way for bisexual individuals to bond over shared experiences and find humor in the struggle.

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Bi-Erasure Memes: Setting the Record Straight

Bi-erasure is a pervasive issue within the LGBTQ+ community, and bisexual memes often tackle this head-on. Whether it's the frustration of being told that bisexuality isn't a real orientation or the annoyance of having one's sexuality constantly invalidated, these memes shed light on the harmful effects of bi-erasure while also providing a way for bisexual individuals to reclaim their identity and find solidarity with each other. Memes like "When people say bisexuality doesn't exist" and "When people assume you're either gay or straight" capture the frustration and absurdity of bi-erasure in a way that's relatable and empowering.

Bisexual Culture Memes: Embracing the Bi Experience

In addition to highlighting the struggles of coming out and dealing with bi-erasure, bisexual memes also celebrate the unique aspects of bisexual culture. From the joy of having a crush on both a male and a female character in a TV show to the struggles of finding a partner who understands and respects one's bisexuality, these memes provide a lighthearted and relatable look at the highs and lows of being bisexual. Memes like "When you realize you're attracted to both the prince and the princess in a fairytale" and "Trying to explain the concept of bisexuality to a potential partner" capture the humor and complexity of bisexual culture in a way that's both entertaining and affirming.

In conclusion, bisexual memes are a powerful tool for bisexual individuals to connect with each other, find humor in their experiences, and push back against the stigma and erasure that often accompanies bisexuality. Whether it's through relatable jokes about coming out, biting commentary on bi-erasure, or lighthearted celebration of bisexual culture, these memes provide a way for bisexual individuals to feel seen, understood, and empowered. So next time you're scrolling through social media, keep an eye out for these hilarious and affirming bisexual memes - you never know when you might come across one that truly speaks to your bisexual experience.